20 Years From Now...

"20 YEARS FROM NOW," Mark Twain said, “you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than the ones you did.”THIS online journal is dedicated to our next 20 years!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Dollars & Cents

We arrived on Thursday afternoon and within the hour hit the beach. See the smile on John's face? You'll find an identical one on mine, too. Actually, my cheeks hurt I've been smiling so much! :)

I've recently started following a great blog called Travel with Kevin and Ruth. They're a Canadian couple from Ontario, who sold their home to be on the road 24/7. Even more impressive, they've been doing it since 2007. This past summer they toured Europe and are now in Mexico (they arrived today) for the winter months. Besides sharing their great adventures, Kevin breaks down their monthly expenses for readers. What astonishes me is they manage quite nicely on $1000 per month.

With that in mind I decided to see how much our trip south cost.

Here's the break down:

-3 nights in hotels: $241.20 (includes state taxes)
-5 gas tank fill ups: $209.23
-6 meals & 2 snacks: $150.18 (includes tips)
-2 bridge tolls: $7.00
-1 guided cave tour (X2): $20.00

Grand total: $627.61 total or $313.80/person.

While that number makes me very happy, what really makes me smile is we had a fun trip, started and stopped when we felt like it, ate what we wanted, where we wanted, and basically did it our way. 

Now, I gotta run...to join John on the beach!

* * *