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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

St. George Island - Florida's Forgotten Coast

St. George Island, Florida is a barrier island just south of Apalachicola and Eastpoint on the panhandle, and since we were in the vicinity we decided to take a look. The bridge connecting Apalachicola and Eastpoint is impressive and seems to stretch forever.

But the bridge connecting Eastpoint and the island itself is mind boggling. It's about five miles long. 

Parallel to the highway/bridge is a remnant of the previous route that was likely damaged during a hurricane or a tropical storm.

St. George Island proper is a narrow strip of sand in the Gulf of Mexico. A sign declares it is  "the uncommon Florida" and it's easy to see why. There's not a highrise, shopping mall or amusement park in sight!

The St. George Island lighthouse and visitor center is one of the first things to see on the island.

The main road that travels the length of the island is paved, and provides an ocean view no matter what direction you look. The homes are impressive, and many are built on stilts. Not surprising, considering the island is only a few feet above sea level.

But there is a desolation and isolation to this place I find unsettling. I'm not sure I would want to spend any length of time here. The good news, however, is The Blue Parrot Restaurant has a welcoming tropical atmosphere, as well as a webcam. And of course, I ordered um, I mean, asked John to pose while I snapped a few photos.

After lunch we drove to the eastern tip of the island and the entrance to the St. George Island State Park. Dark clouds threatened rain and only added to the mystic of this rugged landscape.

Meanwhile, directly across the road is a gated community!

One final note. Please, don't feel bad for John because he spent the day driving, or had to pose for my pictures. He does all right. In Port St. Joe he made an unexpected stop.

Yup. I don't know how he does it, but the guy manages to sniff out a kayak (or kayak paraphernalia) everywhere he goes. All in all, we had another fun day, south of Latitude 30.

* * *