20 Years From Now...

"20 YEARS FROM NOW," Mark Twain said, “you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than the ones you did.”THIS online journal is dedicated to our next 20 years!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Gardens, Gardens, Everywhere

The gardens surrounding the farmhouse are spectacular any time of the year, and the sheer volume of what is out there is endless.

When I decided to take a pictorial record of the flowers I didn't really have a grasp of what it would entail--if only because I took more than 200 photos. Here's a collage of just some of the flowers and plants.

This is the walkway in front of the porch. 

Bees, birds and chipmunks are everywhere, as well as the guinea hens and peacocks who stroll through the gardens eating all the bugs. Gotta love those guinea hens!

The chipmunk, however, is a rascal when it comes to the bird feeder. We caught him chowing down on seed this morning.

And on a final note, John kayaked this afternoon near Lakefield. Bet you didn't see that coming! ;-)

* * *