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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Harvest: A Time for Thanks

This morning we visited the Peterborough Farmer's Market.

When I took a photo of the sign I didn't take the time to read the slogan at the bottom. Are you ready for this? It's says something to CROW about. :)

What is going on with this crow(e) thing?! Anyway, the place was hopping and no, I did not notice the seagull soaring in the air above the sign until after I downloaded the pic. But you have to admit that's kinda of cool, right?!

While there were plenty of vendors who could trace their lineage back to pioneer stock, multiculturalism was alive and well in Peterborough. I spotted a Mexican chef, speaking Spanish (at the speed of light) and cooking up a storm on his grill. The lady at the Taste of Russia booth offered cabbage rolls, perogies, dumplings and pastries with a lovely Slavic lilt. And the Korean woman selling spring rolls had her spiel down pat. The line ups to all of these booths extended ten and twelve deep, and regardless of where they were from originally they wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Yeah, Canada!

Also impressive was the variety of items to purchase. This booth sold painted pumpkins...

I spotted four different musical groups singing and playing their hearts out. One man played a hammered dulcimer, two young women played guitars, another duo combined the fiddle and guitar, and this group sang their songs alongside a dancing chicken! 

There was pottery, turned wood bowls and plates, hoola hoops, fabric place mats, braided rugs and, of course, fresh turkeys and autumn produce galor. The latter was ample and varied and much of it labeled organic.

There were jars of jams and jellies...

Honey products from A to Z...

And if you wanted gourds or pumpkins, well, there were so many to chose from! 

We had a fantastic time, enjoying both the super weather and the season. Give thanks!

* * *