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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Vermont's Living Machine

Most highway rest stops are hardly worthy of a blog post, but this one in Vermont on Interstate 89 is impressive because of the "Living Machine" used to clean wastewater via plants and organisms. The plants are mostly semi-tropical and because they would not survive Vermont's winter they're housed in a greenhouse. The building to the right of the greenhouse is a combo rest stop, tourism info site, and memorial to Vermont's Vietnam veterans.

The entrance is modern and appealing...

Once inside everything Vermont is promoted with zeal, including these incredible handmade rockers.

There is also a memorial wall to the state's fallen soldiers.

Moving on to the greenhouse, a raised walkway circles the outside walls and strategically placed signs explain the "Living Machine" process. John, of course, read every one while I scanned the info and took a gazillion photos.

I particularly liked this view of the mountains and picnic area where we ate our lunch. If you look closely you'll see the five multi-colored Adirondack chairs on the lawn. To their left are picnic tables, and as it was actually warm enough to eat outside many travelers took advantage of them. 

The water in the tanks below were constantly moving and swirling, and each sported a different type of plant.

Even more impressive is the facility is funded entirely by donations. Kudos to Vermont on a rest stop that is impressive, patriotic, and ecologically sound. It's well worth a stop.

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