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Friday, 1 November 2013

Prescott & Fort Wellington

On our return from Boston we drove along the St. Lawrence River and stopped in Prescott, Ontario site of Fort Wellington. Built during the War of 1812 to defend the town and shipping lines from American and French attack, this historic site is maintained by Parks Canada.

The town itself began when Edward Jessup settled here in 1787 on 1200 acres granted to him by King George. In 1810 Jessup decided to portion off a town site and named the new settlement after General Robert Prescott who was governor of Canada between 1796 and 1799.

Photo courtesy of Prescott Ontario website
The first thing we noticed after we parked the van was the great walking trail called the Heritage River Trail. 

This spacious park area sports a covered picnic area and according to the map above enough trails to satisfy just about every walker.

The Sandra S. Lawn Harbour and Marina provides a picturesque view of the river, and this gull had commandeered a birdseye seat!

To the left of the walkway is an outdoor amphitheatre. We'll have to return during the summer months to catch a play staged by the St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival.

The Rotary Lighthouse is just a few steps to the west of the amphitheatre, and in season houses a gift shop.

Looking further west still, is the town proper...

Including the Red George Public House (named after the 1812 war hero "Red George" Macdonnell). Here's the entire building...

And this is a close up...

I quite liked how they'd maintained this building below. They managed to keep it a commercial property street side...

...yet transformed it into a residential section on the left (and river) side. Sitting atop any one of those balconies on a warm summer's evening and watching the world go by would be my idea of heaven!

This building caught my eye because of the unusual window 'coverings'. Is that W.C. Fields in the far left window?

And of course, what south-eastern Ontario town doesn't have a mural painted on one of its buildings? 

Prescott is definitely worth another visit. We'll be back for sure.

* * *