20 Years From Now...

"20 YEARS FROM NOW," Mark Twain said, “you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than the ones you did.”THIS online journal is dedicated to our next 20 years!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Artists, Writers & Paddlers, Oh My!

Most of you know I have a not-so-secret second identity as a mystery and romantic suspense writer. What you may not know, however, is I'm also a graduate of an art college. So when I looked out the window this morning I just didn't see the sun on the pine trees, I saw a Group of Seven painting by none other than Tom Thomson. 

I mention this because when I'm in the trenches and writing a new story, I spend a great deal of time in my make believe world. I live, breathe and share the experiences of my characters in their world, and I do so because I never know from one sentence to the next what will happen next. My world, the real world, becomes blurry and is an irritation at best.

Yesterday and today have been two of those days. If there is an easier way to write a 50K novel, so far I haven't found it. Which means when John suggests we go for a drive, I say "thanks but no thanks." And when he hints he's hungry and it's time we grabbed some lunch, I gaze up from the computer screen, point to the kitchen and say "help yourself."

It's no picnic living with a writer, but hey, he deals with it. Keegan's new at this, and naturally his strategy is different.

This afternoon he climbed up on the sofa, peered over my shoulder, read what I'd written and said, "Really? You think that's such a good idea? What if you do this instead...." He had a pretty good idea, but time will tell if it makes it to the page. In the meantime, here are some scenes of the holiday season from our North Bay home. The cards have begun to arrive via Canada Post, and are now on the mantle.

This paddler is a reminder for John that summer is just around the corner.

HA! Talk about living in a make believe world. We've got a good six months before that happens. Odds are I'll have reached "the end" before he's back in his kayak.

Oh, woe is Paddle Boy. ;-)

* * *