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Monday, 28 April 2014

A Pickers' Dream...North Bay Style

Two weeks ago our son-in-law spotted this place as we drove to Goulet Park for a stroll along the shores of Lake Nipissing. We assumed the building was a second hand store. Or perhaps a specialty shop of some kind. Today, John, Keegan and I decided to take a closer look.

Imagine our surprise when we realized it's a private North Bay residence. Every square inch of the Cassells Street property is used to store and display homeowner Dan Seguin's treasures. To the untrained eye it's a little overwhelming. Even Keegan seemed to have trouble. Just look at that cute little puppy face. I could almost read his thoughts. It's as if he's thinking, 'What is that?!'

I explained it was a tricycle and that I had one just like it when I was five-years old, but he didn't understand the need to collect so many different versions or models. I'm not so sure I do either. Still, on closer inspection there appeared to be an order to the chaos. There were sections of, well, stuff. Everything from windows to chairs to hay forks.

And what home is complete without a suit of armor, assortment of bird houses and the odd snowshoe?

Correction. Make that quite a few snowshoes, along with a gas pump, sleigh, hockey stick, toy tractor, and cross country skis. 

Toys for boys and girls of every age are displayed in eerie fashion. The saws and ice block hooks add something, but for the life of me I'm unsure what exactly. 

Notice the collection of stoves sitting along the sidewalk.

Oh, and if you're looking for a matching set of lawn lions, you'll find them here.

Along with a step ladder, oil can, bird feeder, covered enamel roast pan and sleigh.

Even the side of the house next to the neighbour's property is filled with bicycles and other collectables.

It's not the home of my dreams, but I did a little research and discovered this Cassells Street home was featured on the Canadian Pickers television show in April 2013. Apparently, Picker Scott Cozens realized the owner, Dan Seguin, wasn't ready to part with much, and that "a lot of things were off limits." Seguin was adamant that anything that was red would not leave his property.

Red? Seriously? I'm speechless! 

Afterward we continued on to Goulet Park. The piles of snow were mostly gone and sections of the ice on Lake Nipissing melted. Along the red brick walkway, that I spotted my favorite treasure of the day... 

Gorgeous purple and white crocuses. Gotta love springtime in North Bay with Keegan!

* * *