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"20 YEARS FROM NOW," Mark Twain said, “you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than the ones you did.”THIS online journal is dedicated to our next 20 years!

Monday, 5 May 2014

Spas to Screaming Heads

Keegan had a spa treatment on Saturday afternoon, but once we returned home he wanted to play fetch on the deck. I tried three different times to capture our antics on video, but the results were dismal (my fault, not Keegan's) so this snapshot will have to suffice. Doesn't he look spiffy?

On Sunday John and I headed a few kilometers north of North Bay on Hwy 63 to Gray's Log House Bed & Breakfast to attend their 5th Annual Craft Sale. 

What's unique about this bed and breakfast is the entire log home (built circa 1870) is ALL yours during your stay. With two cozy bedrooms, 3-piece bath, living room and fully equipped kitchen, set in a gorgeous rural setting yet close to North Bay, it's no surprise people from around the world choose to stay here. 

The array of handmade items for sale was a visual delight. We opted for the edible kind and stocked up on maple syrup butter tarts and delectable chocolate chip cookies. (They didn't last long.) 

We also met three couples, including Heather Gray, owner of Gray's Log House Bed & Breakfast, and Linda Forbes who with her husband, Brint, operates Leisure Lee by the Bay, a rental cottage on the Bay of Fundy, NS from June to October. 

Photo courtesy of Leisure Lee by the Bay website
We hit it off and could easily have chatted all afternoon, especially after they suggested we visit Screaming Heads an unusual residence and sculpture garden on an old farm near Burk's Falls. How could I stay away?! I had to see this for myself, so today when we ventured south on Hwy 11.

The property is 5 km west of the town and owned by artist Peter Camani. He encourages strangers to wander around at their leisure, and only the house itself is off-limits. But the "Midlothian Castle" is a home unlike any other. A massive concrete wall separates it from the road. If that's not impressive as is, when we arrived a peacock was perched on top of the wall.

Here's another shot that includes just one of three human busts and a two-headed dragon.

What you can't see from this angle is the turret...well, it's a turret or sorts. It's the shape of a large head. If you look closely below the arrow, you'll see it.

This close up isn't the best resolution, but it gives you a better idea of how unique it is.

Next on the agenda, we strolled the Screaming Head sculpture garden that stretches across approximately 15 acres of gentle rolling hills. The figures range from Screaming Heads...

to horses...

to pyramids... 

and even massive spider webs. 

To give an idea of their size I asked John to stand next to one. FYI, I did not ask him to raise his hands, but he certainly made me laugh!

If you're ever in Burk's Falls make time to visit the Screaming Heads. There was a tranquility and a positive, creative energy here that just made me smile from ear to ear. 

The only sad note is that tomorrow is our final day of housesitting in North Bay. Our thanks to Deb and Craig for making it happen, and it goes without saying we're going to miss Keegan very, very much. 

Thanks guys for the wonderful memories!

* * *