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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Burrell Collection

While we were in Edinburgh I had a chat with a man who works at the Scottish National Museum. Upon hearing our next destination was Glasgow, Nick suggested a visit to the Burrell Collection. He went on to say it's not in the city, so travel by train would be required. As it turned out the 16 miles was an easy journey beginning at Glasgow Central Station and ending at Pollokshaws West. I loved how they transformed oil barrels into old trains and added flowers for a decorative touch.

From the station we walked up a wooded lane...

And after getting lost (hopelessly!) we eventually found our way to the Burrell Collection.

What's amazing about this entire collection is the 9000+ items were purchased and collected by one man - Sir William Burrell (1861-1958). A successful shipping agent he willed all of his treasures to the city of Glasgow rather than leave them to his only (and estranged) daughter, Marion

His collection included everything and anything that struck his fancy, including Rodin's Thinker. 

Burrell's collection also includes suits of armour...

The detailing on this one is truly a work of art.

However, this simple roman mosaic is equally impressive. (It measures about 12" X 12".)

Tapestries and rugs were purchased purely on their size rather than individual merit. If he wanted something to hang on a specific wall or decorate a floor space in his home he would size it up and then decide whether or not to buy it.

He also amassed an impressive stained glass collection from all corners of the European continent.

But he didn't just limit himself to decorative items. He purchased carved wooden ceilings, thrones, paintings, and this amazing stone entrance (originally from Hornby Castle).

Passing through the gateway one enters the long eastern gallery that's home to Burrell's oriental items.

It would be rather cheeky of me to suggest this was a 'boys and their toys' story because the Burrell Collection really is so much more than that and well worth a visit. Still, once we were back in Glasgow we spotted these toy cars outside a shop and guess who's face lit up?!

Like I said - boys and their toys!

* * *