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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Wanderlust Q & A

A friend recently asked us:
(1) How can you be away for six months at a stretch?
(2) Don't you get homesick?
(3) Don't you miss your stuff?

Salem, MA.

Our reply:
(1) Easy.
(2) No.
(3) No.

We've got wanderlust.

Wanderlust is defined as a strong desire to travel. It's no secret I've been addicted all my life and after nearly 40 years by my side John's been bitten by the travel bug as well.

Ausable Chasm, NY
Here are five signs you're prone to roam:

1. Staying in one location your entire life is your worst nightmare. In fact, the thought of staying in one spot for a full year / six months / three months (and that's stretching it) is unbearable. 

2. Travelling is more exciting than almost anything else. It's one of your favourite topics of conversation and every chance you get to pick another traveller's brain about a destination you want to visit you're there. With a scalpel.

3. You have a travel bucket list that grows longer no matter how many trips you've taken.

4. Your passport is one of your most treasured possessions. Renewing it and being without (until the new one arrives) makes you anxious. You feel trapped and confined.

5. Even before you return home from one trip you're thinking ahead to the next.

Trout Lake, North Bay, Ontario
Depending on your answers you may find a recent article on World of Wanderlust of interest. It lists the top 15 travel destinations for 2015. We've visited three (Chile, Turkey, and Cuba) and while we definitely want to visit many destinations others don't interest us. That doesn't mean wanderlust diminishes as one ages. It just means we value what time we've got left and are more selective. ;-)

Happy travels.

* * *