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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Castle Hill (Colline du Chateau)

Castle Hill is a Nice landmark and one we see every day from our housesitting apartment.

View of Castle Hill from the Promenade des Anglais
Castle Hill from Rue Quai des Port

Although the castle that once perched high about the city is long gone the manicured lawns offer incredible views and a quiet place to spend a few hours. Getting to the top can be accomplished by vehicle or foot and depending upon the route it can be either a good workout or manageable stroll. Closest to the sea and built into the cliff is this memorial dedicated to Nice citizens killed during WWI. 

Further west is an elevator to the top, but it was not in service when we checked it out.

So, we studied the map and took the easy way up via old town proper.

After a series of stairs and steps we reached a parking lot with this tile decorated wall. Few people stopped to admire it, but we did!

Just beyond the parking lot and about halfway up the hill is a cemetery that stretches for acres.

Continuing upward along this last stretch of paved roadway we heard a steady downpour of water. 

Just above and on the left is a stone structure with a waterfall feature.

Further along and a little higher up one is able to view the structure...

And this shot is looking down and west towards Nice. If you look carefully there is a person walking on the road below on the far right side of the photo while the Mediterranean and Promenade des Anglais is at the top left, and yes, that's a gull soaking his feet on the ledge in the middle of the photo!

Once at the top there is a manicured park with a playground, plenty of benches to sit and relax as well as numerous lookout points that face all directions.

Facing east toward the port

At certain places the vegetation was so tall and thick the views were blocked, but there is always something interesting and unique to see.

Butterfly in the flowers
Gull on the cacti
We spotted some locals heading to the top with a picnic basket. Others opted to stop at the small cafe that offered fast food, wine and coffee. (Our espresso hit the spot!)

On another trip to the top John caught this group doing their morning exercises. What a view and what a workout!

We took an alternative route back down that included some stairs as well as narrow lane ways. 

Our destination was the side of old town closest to the Mediterranean as well as a picturesque street we had not yet discovered.

Near the bottom of the steps I turned around and came face to face with this building and the lovely flowers on the balconies.

All in all a lovely day in Nice. Good times!

* * *