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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Flowers & Faith in Nice

It's no surprise Nice appeals to creative individuals. Henri Matisse lived here for 37 years and one of the buildings he called home (the tall yellow one in the centre below) is close to the Mediterranean, Quai des Etats - Unis and the Cours Saleya daily flower market.

We've walked along this particular street in the old town of Nice more times than I can count and it's one place that never gets old. There is always something to grab one's attention, somewhere to sit and savour a coffee or glass of wine, or just stop to smell the roses (literally). The Cours Saleya daily flower market is a visual delight. 

On Saturday a fruit and vegetable market joins in and includes a variety of products that tempt visitors.

Garlic and Spice Grinders

Olive Oils


Fresh Produce

Within old town there are six churches. We visited three of them. The baroque Eglise Du Jesus is a hidden gem and easily missed. Thank goodness the doors were open and a Christmas tree was still on its steps or we may have also missed it. 

The interior is almost more than the senses can fathom.

The second church we visited was the Cathedral Sainte Repartee de Nice and once again we might have missed it had we (okay, John!) not been more observant.

The interior is surprisingly spacious and one soon forgets the congested feeling of the old town just a few steps away.

Last but not least is the Convent de la Visitation. We walked past on our way up to the Colline Du Chateau (Castle Hill), but did not go in as a service was underway. 

Above the church and midway up the stairs we spotted this doorway. Note the three singing angels detail.

As I mentioned in the previous post there is something in old town Nice for everyone - nourishment for the body and soul!

* * *