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"20 YEARS FROM NOW," Mark Twain said, “you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than the ones you did.”THIS online journal is dedicated to our next 20 years!

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

At Home With Ralph, Ebony & Brittany

The location may vary, but house and pet sitting is always about meeting lovely people and taking care of their cherished pets while they're away on business or vacation. Ralph, a cavoodle, is two years old and one of the sweetest little canines we've ever met. 

Twelve-year old Ebony, the matriarch of the group, oozes confidence and maturity. Nothing ruffles her feathers fur and when the mood struck she could be quite attentive to her new human slaves!

Her daughter, Brittany, on the other hand, is more elusive. She comes when called by name, but doesn't hang around very long. Just in and out to devour her food and then she disappears. She indulged me just long enough to snap this photo.

Ralph, Ebony and Brittany live in a lovely home on the west coast of Guernsey overlooking the ocean. The first few days of our housesit the winds blew and the waves splashed over the coastal highway, tossing rocks onto the asphalt. Authorities closed the road several times to clear away the stones - and no doubt save a number of car windshields from shattering!

The tides on Guernsey rise 33 feet and when it's out the bay is unrecognizable. Talk about rugged.

During WWII Guernsey was occupied for five years by the Germans. As soon as they arrived they built bunkers all around the island. Ralph paid little attention to the bunker on his property, but we were intrigued and curious. (A special thanks to Martyn for the peek inside.)

There are many perks while housesitting. Our top 5 list includes: 

1. the wonderful people we meet, 
2. their adorable 'grandpets', 
3. the opportunity to live like a local, 
4. travelling slow, 
5. the amenities. 

Regarding #5 on our list - sometimes while housesitting we just luck out. Not only did we get to see a German bunker up close and personal, but this is our third housesit that has a hot tub. Imagine our surprise when we realized it is our first housesit with an indoor jetted lap pool! 

We always begin a housesit by focusing on the animals. Not leaving the doorstep for four days (except to take Ralph for a walk) gave all three pets time to become comfortable with us. On day five we ventured a few miles up the coast to this incredible beach at Saline Bay.

Every where one travels on Guernsey there are food kiosks and picnic tables. 

I was especially curious about this doggy ice-cream - not for me, silly, for Ralph!

Within walking distance, literally beyond the car park and at the end of the point, is this bunker built right into the rocks.

From up top the views are spectacular. This is looking eastward over Guernsey.

This outcrop right next to the bunker made for some spectacular photo ops.

Our first excursion complete we returned home and Ralph quickly zonked out and fell asleep. Too cute!

This is our view from the kitchen and I never grew tired of it whether watching the tides roll in and out or viewing a glorious Guernsey sunset. 

* * *