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Saturday, 23 April 2016

From Queens to Poets and Tapestry Makers - Part II

In Part I of From Queens to Poets and Tapestry Makers we toured Hauptville House and the Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery. In Part 2 we're continuing our exploration of St. Peter Port via Candie Gardens and the Tapestry Museum. If you missed Part I click HERE.

The walled Candie Gardens were once a private estate perched high on a hill overlooking the town and are now home to the oldest known heated greenhouses in Britain.

Our visit coincided with a splash of spring flowers that took my breath away.

Candie Gardens with the Museum, art gallery and auditorium in background.

Still in dire need of a few historical facts about Guernsey we set off for the Guernsey Tapestry Museum that is inside this building.

A millenium project that involved the whole community, these ten panels of embroidered canvas work illustrate 1000 years of local history - each panel covering one century. The self-guided tour includes an audio tour and we thought it was an excellent venue for historians and needleworkers alike.  Photos of the ten panels (below) are courtesy of the Tapestry Museum's website.

Panel 1 - 11th Century

Panel 2 - 12th Century
Panel 3 - 13th Century
Panel 4 - 14th Century
Panel 5 - 15th Century
Panel 6 - 16th Century
Panel 7 - 17th Century
Panel 8 - 18th Century
Panel 9 - 19th Century
Panel 10 - 20th Century

Our four-day sojourn in St. Peter Port coincided with John's birthday. I won't give the exact number, but it was special one and begins with a 6 and ends in a 5! Naturally, such a celebration calls for a meal out and we found the perfect venue in Le Petit Cafe.

With a number of dining rooms on both the ground and upper level we were quite comfortable in this casual space that offered great views of the street and harbour.

We selected the duck and lamb entrees.

And shared the Creme Brûlée served three ways. C'est magnifique!

Who could ask for more? Life. Is. Good.

* * *