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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Guernsey Folk & Costume Museum

The sky was blue and clear when we visited the Guernsey Folk and Costume Museum. Housed in three brick buildings there is something here for everyone of any age.

This display reminded us how everyday life in Guernsey was very similar to Canada's pioneer past.

The sitting room or lounge was the heart of the home and used to entertain visitors.

This sewing machine exhibit pays homage to the cottage industry of fashion and while there was an entire room dedicated to clothing I'm afraid I didn't take any photographs. (Sorry!)

Toys of days gone by.

A miniature display of two busy women.

Dolls in Guernsey costumes...

A life-size display of fishermen repairing nets and making crab pots.

These hardy individuals risked life and limb in these boats.

Back on land various carriages were the mode of transportation.

Farming equipment...

These pilotins or stone mushrooms were used as the foundation to form corn stacks and keep out the rats who could not crawl up past the stone mushroom top.

Believe it or not this is the pig sty. There were three of these enclosed areas attached to the main building.

In the milk house butter was made using the rich cream from Guernsey cows and then placed on cabbage leaves to prevent it from sticking. Btw, Guernsey milk is the only milk sold on the island.

Meanwhile in the cider barn is this cider press.

Bicycles of varying shapes and sizes.

We really enjoyed our visit to the Guernsey Folk and Costume Museum and learned a great deal about Guernsey's agricultural past. 

* * *