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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Memories of Guernsey

The end of each housesit is always bittersweet. While we're excited to welcome back the homeowners and be privy to details of their vacation, we're also sad because it's time to take our leave. Not only have we grown quite fond of their pets during our stay, but we've also gained an appreciation and insight into the place they call home - something that's quite rare while simply travelling as a tourist.

Guernsey is one of those destinations that has it all and we're grateful to have had the opportunity to visit and experience it as a local. Thank you to Catherine and Martyn for making it happen and welcoming us with open arms. A big cyber hug as well to Helen for being at our beck and call and being such a wonderful 'unofficial' tour guide. You did Guernsey proud!
Felines, Ebony and Brittany added their own unique touch to this sit and will be missed.

Ebony and Ralph soaking up a few rays
Brittany posing for the camera
Helen recently posted this video by Luke Sheehan on her Facebook page and I'm including it here because it's a lovely overall view of the island. 

What the video did not show were the homes of Guernsey and it's no secret I have a 'thing' for houses. I enjoy looking at them. I love the endless variations - everything from the materials used to the architectural styles and those personal touches added by the homeowner that truly make a house a home. 

Fortunately, few people take notice of a person walking a dog whereas a stranger with a camera eyeing up their property could cause a few heart palpations. Thank goodness Ralph enjoyed going out for his twice daily strolls because otherwise I may have had to explain my obsession to the local authorities. ;-)

These are just a few of the charming homes on Guernsey. Enjoy!

This tiny church also caught my eye and fortunately Ralph and John agreed to pose for yet two more photos before we headed home ourselves.

Such wonderful memories of Guernsey...

...ones we'll cherish forever. 

* * *