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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Tulips, Tulips, More Tulips

Having attended the Ottawa Tulip Festival numerous times we were eager to visit the Netherlands and during the last week of April we toured the Keukenhof Gardens.

Located 37 km south of Amsterdam these 92-acres gardens are open only for a few months each year. During the springtime the gardens showcase more than 7 million blooms and 800 varieties of tulips. The adage that a single photograph is worth a 1000 words simply isn't true in this case. You have to see and experience Keukenhof for yourself. 

Just inside the entrance gate is a lovely water feature (shown above). Beneath the umbrella on the left is a wooden pipe organ that just adds to the enjoyment and excitement. One lady got so wrapped up in the music she bumped into me as she was walking/dancing to the music. Click the arrow below or watch it on Youtube HERE.

The gardens are described as a once-in-a-lifetime experience and while it rained off and on during the two days we visited Keukenhof it did not diminish nor dampen our enthusiasm or resolve to see every square inch of the gardens.

At two or three locations were aviaries filled with parrots or budgies. 

The colour and variety of combinations took our breathe away.

This windmill is a focal point of the gardens. Visitors can climb to the top to gaze across a canal and fields of tulips.


Sculptures on display throughout the gardens could be purchased if the mood struck AND you had anywhere from a few thousand to tens of thousands of euros in your pocket.

The buds and tree blossoms added another dimension to the grandeur of the flower beds.

Some of the gardens were quite formal.

Others not so much, but equally impressive.

Pavilions located throughout the park offered a reprieve from the rain as well as opportunities to purchase bulbs (shipped to your home address), learn the history of the tulip (they originated in Turkey and were a gift of a Sultan), grab a bite to eat with a glass of wine or a beer or view intoxicating displays of new varieties of tulips as well as many other types of flowers.


Yes, this orchid was really green!

Neon-coloured tulips

Massive Viburnum

Makes me think of popcorn!

This bed of tulips appeared to be almost black in colour.

We enjoyed every second of the Keukenhof Gardens. If you appreciate flowers and/or nature this is the place to be. Keukenhof Gardens will re-open in 2017 March 23 through May 21.

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