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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Returning to Where our Housesitting Adventure Began

At the end of June we returned to the farm in southern Ontario where our incredible housesitting adventure began in 2009. At the time we were simply doing a favour for good friends, but oh, goodness, we never expected it would morph into an exciting and uber satisfying retirement lifestyle!

Our view from the kitchen table - a peacock at the bird feeder

We've lost count of the number of times we've taken care of the farm, its animals and feathered friends over the years, but it's definitely more than a baker's dozen. This time, however, will likely be our final gig at the farm as our friends have built a gorgeous retirement home and listed the farm for sale. 

Another first is my cousin and her husband came for a visit (with the homeowners' blessing). During their brief stay Frank took a gazillion photos and I asked if I could feature them here. He agreed and I couldn't be happier. Not only did he get this darling close-up of Julie, he captured her friendly, gentle nature.

Seeing his mother being the centre of attention, Brynn seems to be asking Frank, "What about me?"

Alice took to Frank immediately and was especially grateful for the bribe, um, I mean carrot.

Jessie was more interested in the tasty grass - refreshed and revitalized thanks to a recent rainstorm.

Speaking of rain, at the slightest indication of thunder Julie will dash inside and hide beneath the rocking chair for safety.

Outside in the farmyard the peacocks ignored the rain and fortunately for Frank huddled together while he got a group shot.

The geese followed their example - with a few loud honks for effect.

One of the barn cats seemed particularly curious about the stranger with the camera.

Frank also toured the extensive gardens and got some great shots of the varied blooms.

During Frank and Mary Lou's visit we drove to Warkworth and walked it's Lilac Trail.

Next stop was Capers Restaurant in Campbellford for a delicious lunch on the covered porch. (Definitely worth a visit if you're in the neighbourhood.)

Then we headed to the lift locks just south of town and arrived just in time to see a boat move from the lower level of the Trent-Severn waterway to the upper.

Finally, it was selfie time on the Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge.

L to R: John, Frank
L to R: Dianne, John, Mary Lou
L to R: Frank, Dianne, John
Waiting patiently for us back at the farm, Julie and Brynn bided their time on the porch.

A special thanks to homeowners J&D for being the catalysts to our amazing housesitting adventure and for allowing us to farmsit one last time. Thank you also to Mary Lou and Frank for the laughs and memories and a special thanks to Frank for sharing his photos. 

Great times. Great memories. Fantastic friends and family. Life is good!

* * *