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"20 YEARS FROM NOW," Mark Twain said, “you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than the ones you did.”THIS online journal is dedicated to our next 20 years!

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Lakes & Leaves

Autumn in Ontario Canada is spectacular and we do our best each year to take full advantage of this place we call home. 

Endikai Lake
It goes without saying John uses every possible opportunity to be in his kayak and during the past few weeks he's paddled as often as the weather permitted. A favourite destination off Hwy 546 is Endikai Lake.

Endikai Lake 
Endikai Lake
Endikai Lake
Just north of Elliot Lake is Cinder Lake and another opportunity to explore via kayak.

Cinder Lake
Another day we headed to the boat launch on Dunlop Lake for a picnic lunch. The kayak is obviously John's, while the party boat belongs to a water-access-only-resident who went shopping in Elliot Lake. (She returned late afternoon about the same time John paddled to shore.)

Dunlop Lake
Flack Lake provided a perfect setting for a lazy Friday afternoon (and of course another paddle). I spotted a heron fly by, but was too slow grabbing my camera. :(

Flack Lake
This week friends from southern Ontario drove up for a visit and during their stay we took a road trip to view the fall colours. First stop, still within the town limits of Elliot Lake, Horne lake.

Horne Lake
Heading north on Hwy. 108 the yellow, orange and red leaves were almost at their peak. The Fire Tower Hill is a favorite observation area for visitors and locals alike.

Fire Tower Lookout Pavilion
Overlooking Elliot Lake
Westner Lake in foreground, North Nordic Lake in distance
Porridge Lake
Westner & Porridge Lakes
Continuing north on Hwy 108 that eventually becomes Hwy 639 we made numerous photo stops.

Who's taking a photo of whom?!

Flack Lake in the distance
John snapped this shot of Flack Lake from atop the rocks!
Driving even further north we stopped at Mount Lake.

Mount Lake
Mount Lake
Hwy 639
Turning onto Hwy 546 that curves alongside the Little White River there were numerous oohs and aahs inside the vehicle! Steep rock cliffs edge one side of the river while the other side is less rugged.

Hwy 546
Little White River
Further south a bridge crosses the river and we just had to take a closer look.

Little White River view south of the bridge
Looking north along the Little White River
Final stop of the day is on the river bank itself. This was our first campfire of the season (due to the summer drought conditions and fire ban), but it was well worth the wait. There's nothing quite like a hot dog roasted on an open fire. Mmm!

Not a bad day weather wise for the 3rd of October - the mercury reached 18C and I actually got a sunburn on my face!

One of the many joys of northern Ontario in the autumn is its picturesque rivers, lakes and of course the changing leaves. All of which are made all the more memorable and special when shared with great friends. (Thanks, Dave & Flo! Can't wait to do it again.)

* * *