20 Years From Now...

"20 YEARS FROM NOW," Mark Twain said, “you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than the ones you did.”THIS online journal is dedicated to our next 20 years!

Friday, 10 February 2017

South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida

The sand stretches for miles and miles here in southern Florida and it's easy to understand South Beach's worldwide appeal. Just look at that blue sky, sand and surf!

Lifeguard towers are as unique as the art deco architectural style of South Beach. 

A brick boardwalk is also a favourite place to stroll, people watch and just enjoy the warm, tropical weather.

This particular stretch (shown above) is at the very south tip of South Beach and leads to the South Pointe Park Pier (below).

High-rises are a short distance inland.

All have the amenities of most communities including green spaces, playgrounds, quiet sanctuaries and of course, shops and stores.

This tower is one artist's impression of a lighthouse.

Across the strait are more residences and hotels.

Speed seems to be important as is noted by this boat that noisily whizzed by us.

Further north, just a few blocks from our apartment, is a park that features a basketball and tennis court as well as a swimming pool. It's always in use by the locals who are out enjoying the green space, walking their dogs, or playing a game or two with friends. 

The base of this massive tree caught John's attention the first time we entered the park.

Further north still is Lincoln Road a pedestrian only street with shops, restaurants and outdoor cafes.

Halfway between Lincoln Road and our apartment is this yard which is about as fanciful and inviting as one finds in South Beach.

One never has to walk far to see more restaurants or shopping areas and they are just minutes away from the sand for those who have had their fill of the beach. 

We passed by this lovely hanging wicker light display and immediately thought of our friends in Warkworth, Ontario who operate The Branch Ranch. (Hi ladies!)

More cafes and restaurants along the way. 

Our comfy apartment in South Beach is on the 7th floor (third balcony from the top left).

Literally a few feet away is a Whole Foods grocery store that provides organic everything, an incredible bakery, fresh seafood AND a great wine selection. (Love it!)

As I mentioned in an earlier post this is the first housesit we've had without pets. It's given us lots of time to immerse ourselves in the easy going South Beach lifestyle. As per usual one of us is a sun worshipper and one not so much. Can you guess who's who? (Hint - he's been working on his tan at the beach each and every day!)

A very special thank you to Katherine and Paul for making our South Beach sojourn possible and for all the wonderful memories. HUGS to you both!

* * *