20 Years From Now...

"20 YEARS FROM NOW," Mark Twain said, “you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than the ones you did.”THIS online journal is dedicated to our next 20 years!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017


On Monday, March 20, 2017 we arrived in Cordoba for a weeklong stay. Within seven or eight minutes of hailing a cab from the train station we reached our destination on Calle (Street) Blanco Belmont, but neither the driver nor us could find the number of our Airbnb flat. I made a quick phone call to our host, Juan, who came to meet us and once we saw the narrow staircase leading up to the flat (far right below) we no longer felt like complete tourists for not finding our way - especially as the cabbie had difficulty as well.

We climbed the first set of steps, passed through a narrow alleyway and arrived at the wrought iron gate door.

Our host pointed skyward after we stepped inside and said, "That top window is your flat."

But first we had to pass through a gorgeous outdoor space before climbing three flights of stairs.

The 50 steps were totally worth it. This was our Cordoba home sweet home! 

This next pic showcases the view from the bedroom window. If you look carefully you'll see the street and a person walking past.

Our primary reason for visiting Cordoba is the Mezquita - Cathedral that encompasses an entire block in the core of the city.

Aerial view courtesy of Wikipedi

As we thoroughly enjoy walled, medieval cities and pedestrian only maze-like streets, Cordoba is a complete joy! This next photo, also from Wikipedia, shows the entrance to our flat via the arrow, while the X marks the rooftop terrace (as well as the compact inner city core). 

Our rooftop terrace view of the mosque and cathedral was an added perk.

It was such a delight to grab a bottle of wine at the end of the day, climb the stairs to our private retreat to just relax and soak in the sunshine and ambiance of this amazing city.

Literally steps from our flat is this small plaza with maybe five or six restaurants.

A few yards further one can wander down any number of pedestrian-only streets (or to be more precise alleys) to find more restaurants and shops.

Cordoba is known for its courtyards and flower pots and there is even one street called Flower Pot Street. It's mid way down on the left. Regardless of the time of day it was always crowded with tourists anxious to snap a photo.

While on Flower Pot Street we wandered into a leather shop and discovered this lovely courtyard.

This next shot illustrates how narrow the streets are. The shade they provide is quite welcome at certain times of the day!

There are so many restaurants to choose from and on our first full day in Cordoba we decided to venture inside Taberna los Geranios for lunch. (It's literally a 5-minute stroll from home.)

Our lunch was delicious, made all the more memorable by this talented musician.

Thank goodness for digital cameras - we're old enough to recall having to travel with rolls of film (never mind the expense! We could literally have taken a photo every couple of yards and on every one of the many streets in the downtown core. There is so much to admire in Cordoba. 

Some are more magical than others as this one with the addition of twinkling lights.

Others add a dash of different colours to simple wooden chairs.

This street is one of my favourites with its flowers and pottery.

The downtown core is not just a tourist destination. It is home for many locals as this entrance clearly shows. 

Next post we're off to tour the Mezquita- Cathedral.

* * *