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Monday, 22 May 2017

Five Weeks in Nice

Housesitting has broadened and enhanced our lives exponentially. We've made lifelong friends and taken care of an array of adorable pets while travelling slow and living like a local in a great many places the average traveller either bypasses altogether or zips through at the speed of light. 

We fell in love with Nice, France during our first housesit there in 2016 (if you missed the original posts they begin HERE) and when the opportunity arose to return for a repeat gig we were delighted beyond belief. (Thank you K & P!) We always enjoy taking care of Petra and were excited to meet 'the girls'. The weeks passed quickly and all three feathered friends provided us with a slew of wonderful memories. Squawk!

The Girls
John and Petra's relationship developed to a whole new level and most mornings saw them enjoying a cup of tea together while surfing the net!

Petra also allowed John to scratch his head - a privilege he extends to a VERY select number of humans we were told.

The port side apartment is an ideal location from which to explore Nice and its surrounding area.

Main entrance is large doorway on bottom right
Looking back at entrance from top of stairs

Ceiling (LOVE the colours!)
Doorway to elevators and apartments

One of our favourite places in all of Nice is the apartment's balcony. Just look at that view!

It's also a super place to soak up a few rays.

Or nibble on some amazing cheese bread from one of the many local boulangeries.

Even on an overcast day it's a great place to watch the world go by...

...as in everything from tour boats to private luxury vessels, fishing boats, ferries and cruise ships. 

View of Castle Hill from the balcony
On the opposite side of Castle Hill is modern and medieval Nice, the Promenade des Anglais and the beach that even in April saw a good many sun worshippers. 

A short walk away from the Mediterranean is Jardin Albert and Promenade du Paillon - a massive water area with fountains that calls to the child in everyone!

Jardin Albert - Courtesy of Nice Tourism
Promenade du Paillon - Courtesy Nice Tourism

Buskers, food stalls and helium balloons add to the good times vibe experience.

The park is a destination for locals and tourists and a stroll anytime of the day or night provides incredible views of the old town.

Before our arrival in Nice we dutifully compiled a list of places we wanted to revisit, but to our great surprise made it to only one! There is so much to see and do in and around Nice and this time around we focused on the many medieval towns that are all within easy access via public transportation. Our next post will feature St. Paul de Vence. Last, but not least, we're ever so happy to announce we're returning to Nice next April/May 2018 for yet another stay with Petra and the girls. Whoo-hoo! Can't wait!

* * *