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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Food, Glorious Food!

One of the joys of travelling is sampling the food of each region and while we were in Europe this past winter and spring we did just that - in three countries: Portugal, Spain and France - and we began our culinary adventure as soon as our feet hit the ground in Lisbon.

Ristorante Caffetteria Museu Nacional do Azulejo, Lisbon
For what it's worth we're far from being experienced foodies, but like most folks have no problem distinguishing between a bland, pre-packaged, microwaved entree and a delicious meal made with love and fresh, local ingredients. 

As travellers on a budget we've learned a mid-day meal is a tasty and economical option to a more pricey evening meal. (On occasion we even indulge ourselves into believing it's a healthier option as we can walk off a few of those additional calories!)

The links provided below go directly to TripAdvisor. We were very fortunate as the majority of restaurants exceeded our expectations and earned a well-deserved four or five star review, while only one incurred a disappointing two stars.

RISTORANTE CAFFETTERIA MUSEU NACIONAL DO AZULEJO, Lisbon - scrumptious meal with traditional tile surroundings...

Cod with rice - Ristorante Caffetteria Museu Nacional do Azulejo, Lisbon
Tuna Steak - Ristorante Caffetteria Museu Nacional do Azulejo, Lisbon

SOL DOURADO RISTORANTE, Lisbon - where bibs are not only included, but mandatory...

Pork & Seafood Cataplano, Sol Dourado Restaurant, Lisbon
Lisbon version of Albufeira Delight - Sol Dourado Restaurant

BELLA LISA RESTAURANT, Lisbon - dining with a bird's eye view...

Bella Lisa Restaurant, Lisbon
Tuna (back) and Cod fillet (front) - Bella Lisa Elevator Restaurant, Lisbon
RESTAURANT MUSEU NACIONAL DE ART ANTIGA, Lisbon - wine, lunch and an artistic riverside view...

CAFE PRADO, Madrid - a convenient cafeteria lunch inside the Prado Museum...

CAFFETERIA MUSEO THYSSEN BORNEMISZA, Madrid - both delicious and convenient...

CASA REMIGIO RETIRO, Madrid - a gorgeous outdoor park setting, perfect for a glass of wine and light snack...

TABERNA EL ARCO, Madrid - the exterior may look fast food, but this was the best meal we had during our week long stay in the Spanish capital...

Taberna el Arco, Madrid
Taberna el Arco, Madrid
Chicken and seafood Paella - Taberna el Arco, Madrid
Crepe - Taberna el Arco, Madrid
AUTOGRILL IBERIA SL, Madrid - who knew it's possible to get a tasty light lunch enjoyed inside the Atocha train station...

TABERNA DE GERANIOS, Cordoba - the food was so incredible we forgot to take a photograph until after we'd eaten! Their version of aubergine (eggplant) with honey and sesame seeds was to die for.

Taberna de Geranios, Cordoba
Aubergine with honey and sesame seeds - Taberna de Geranios, Cordoba
CAMPOS DE TORO, CORDOBA - another incredible meal made all the more memorable as this is actually an outdoor courtyard...

Campos de Toro, Cordoba
Eggplant with honey - Campos de Toro, Cordoba, Spain
Fried Squid - Campos de Toro, Cordoba, Spain
Medallions of Pork with salsa verde - Campos de Toro, Cordoba
TABERNA LUQUE, Cordoba - everything from the friendly service to our extraordinary meals was first rate and Taberna Luque is our absolute favourite in Cordoba.

Taberna Luque, Cordoba, Spain
Rabbit with potatoes and asparagus - Taberna Luque, Cordoba, Spain

RESTAURANTE EL CARPATHIA, Cordoba - is right next door to the Taberna Luque...

Restaurante El Carpathia, Cordoba
Restaurante El Carpathia, Cordoba
Calamari - Restaurante El Carpathia, Cordoba
Paella for 2 - Restaurante El Carpathia, Cordoba
Decadent Dessert on Slate - Restaurante El Carpathia, Cordoba Spain
RESTAURANTE PUERTA SEVILLA, Cordoba - the setting for this courtyard restaurant as well as the attention to details such as the precision handcut ham (3rd pic down) made for a most memorable lunch...

Restaurante Puerta Sevilla, Cordoba
Restaurante Puerta Sevilla, Cordoba
Slicing the jambon - Restaurante Puerta Sevilla, Cordoba
Goat Cheese Salad - Restaurante Puerta Sevilla, Cordoba
LA PALOMA, Cordoba - this Corredera Plaza outdoor cafe is a local favourite, even on a cool, rainy springtime day...

Corredero Plaza, Cordoba
EL FORNET, Barcelona - this outdoor cafe offered something local, nutritious and tasty...

El Fornet, Barcelona
Lentil salad - El Fornet, Barcelona
Goat Cheese Salad - El Fornet, Barcelona
LA FLAUTA, Barcelona - we made a point of returning to La Flauta after our two visits in 2015 and we were not disappointed. We received the same warm welcome along with exceptional service and mouthwatering meals...

A bottle of wine comes with each meal! - La Flauta, Barcelona
Aubergine (eggplant) with honey and cheese - La Flauta, Barcelona
Paella, La Flauta, Barcelona
La Flauta, Barcelona
Bread pudding and Creme Brûlée - La Flauta, Barcelone
ZARAUTZ TABERNA VASCA, Barcelona - Hands down this was our favourite restaurant in Barcelona.  We will definitely be going back...

Zarautz Taberna Vasca, Barcelona
Duck - Zarautz Taberna Vasca, Barcelona
Lamb - Zarautz Taberna Vasca, Barcelona
Cheesecake - Zarautz Taberna Vasca, Barcelona
CHEZ PIPO, Nice - We love socca - a local Nice specialty - and Chez Pipo is the place to get it...

Chez Pipo, Nice
Socca - Chez Pipo, Nice
SENTIMI, Nice - eat inside or out, Sentimi is conveniently located at Place Garibaldi and it is known for its pizza...

Sentimi, Nice
Tar tar with salad and roasted potatoes - Sentimi, Nice
Parmigiana Pizza - Sentimi, Nice
MA NOLAN'S, Nice - An Irish pub overlooking the port. This is a perfect solution to satisfy one's cravings for fish and chips and a Guinness...

Ma Nolan's, Nice
 LE NAUTIC, Menton - an appetizing seafood lunch with a magnificent seaside view...

Le Nautic, Menton
Salade Calmars - Le Nautic, Menton, France
Penne with salmon, - Le Nautic, Menton, France
CIVITTE GARIBALDI, Nice - We've stopped at the Civette Garibaldi countless times to enjoy a glass of wine and share a plate of socca. 

Civette Garibaldi, Nice
LE JIMMY'S, Haut-de-Cagnes - welcoming, attentive service, a hilltop view and a lunch to remember...
View from our table, Le Jimmy's, Haut-de-Cagnes
Le Jimmy's - Haut-de-Cagnes
Le Jimmy's, Haut-de-Cagnes
Chicken Caesar Salad - Le Jimmy's, Haut-de-Cagnes
Salmon pasta - Le Jimmy's, Haut-de-Cagnes
Tapenade with bread - Le Jimmy's, Haut-de-Cagnes
LE PIGEONNIER, Vence - our lunch at Le Pigeonnier is one of the highlights of our two-month long European adventure... 

Le Pigeonnier, Vence
Le Pigeonnier, Vence, France
Tuna Steak - Le Pigeonnier, Vence
Quail - Le Pigeonnier, Vence
LA TABLE DE DOMI, Vence - another exquisite lunchtime experience...

La Table de Domi, Vence
La Table de Domi, Vence
La Table de Domi, Vence
Duck with artichoke, peppers and tomato - La Table de Domi, Vence
RISTORANTE II BRIGANTINO, Ventimiglia, Italy - a short train ride from Nice is the seaside town of Ventimiglia...

Ristorante II Brigantino, Ventimiglia
LA PLAGE, Nice airport - our final hour in France before our flight to the UK we enjoyed a final croissant and madeleine at this unique airport cafe...

La Plage, Nice
This may seem surprising considering all these restaurant meals, but we didn't always eat out. Chef John did himself proud, especially in France.

Salad, aubergine and pork chops - Chef John
Nicoise Salad - Chef John
While in Nice we frequented a good many of the local boulangeries. One is John's favourite for its cheese bread.

The other is a mutual favourite as it offers these amazing decadent desserts.

Tarte aux Framboises - Marie Blachere Boulangerie
Tropezienne - Marie Blachere Boulangerie
* * *