20 Years From Now...

"20 YEARS FROM NOW," Mark Twain said, “you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than the ones you did.”THIS online journal is dedicated to our next 20 years!

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Levis, Qc to St. John's, Nfld

After leaving Levis we stayed overnight in Grand Falls, NB specifically to see the falls, but sadly, they were bone dry. 

Everyone at the hotel (the building with the red roof above) assured us they're amazing in the spring, but there was no need to apologize as the views of the gorge were still impressive.

View from our hotel balcony
Next stop Truro, NS. We'd read great things about Murphy's Fish and Chips and based on the claim they'd been voted #1 in Canada we decided to check it our for ourselves. We were greeted by an enthusiastic hostess and immediately made to feel welcome. The decor was certainly "fishy" in theme and the fish and chips were pretty good too. (Although not Canada's best in our opinion! That honour goes to Heritage Fish & Chips in Brampton, Ontario!)

After dinner we walked around Truro's downtown area and happened upon this re-enactment of original highland combat that was part of the Canada 150th celebrations. We were both relieved and reassured when the announcer asked the crowd if they wanted to see something more violent. There was a resounding "no" from those in attendance. Yeah, Canada!

Travelling further the next day we stopped in Antigonish, NS for a box of Peace by Chocolate. If you haven't heard of these new Canadian chocolatiers from Syria, check out their story HERE. And by the way, the chocolate is delicious!

Moving onto Baddeck, NS. and the first order of the day was lunch. Quite by chance we decided to visit Two Buoys Garden Bistro

Wanting to savour every second of the beautiful weather we selected a table on the back deck.

Our lunch was delicious.

Curried chicken with salad
Lobster Salad
Then, we heard someone call our names. It was our friends, Nicki and Gerry, from Elliot Lake! Talk about a coincidence. We knew they were touring the east coast, but had no idea where and likewise they knew we were on our way to a Newfoundland housesit, but did not know our schedule.

As you can imagine we had a fantastic afternoon. Good times with a healthy dash of serendipity!

After hugs and goodbyes we continued on our way. Nicki and Gerry were off to their campsite while our destination was North Sydney. The scenery on Cape Breton was spectacular.

In Sydney proper we posed on the waterfront (and in the rain) in front of the big fiddle. Being a Sunday the information centre and craft shops were closed.

Then, we headed back to North Sydney to wait for the ferry.

No complaints about our deluxe cabin. It was far more spacious than we expected.

Shortly after we left port we went for a walk around the deck.

So far so good. Then, within the next half an hour, the sea got choppy and we retreated to our cabin where I spent the rest of the night repeating "I will not be sick. I will not be sick. I will NOT be sick..."

Even the fog that greeted us in Argentia the next morning looked great as far as I was concerned! It felt wonderful to be back on dry land.

The 1.5 hour long drive to St. John's was enough to allow the fog to disappear and eventually we began to see something of the island's delightful scenery.

As check in time at our Airbnb flat wasn't until 3:00 PM we drove a short distance outside of St. John's to the village of Quidi Vidi. Our initial goal was to visit a gallery that showcased Newfoundland crafts, but as it was closed on Monday (why not?!) we headed across the bay to the Quidi Vidi Brewery and signed up for the tasting tour. 

If you like craft beers you'll enjoy Quidi Vidi's seven beer varieties. They range from light to IPA and are sure to satisfy most palates. Our favourite is Ice Berg which is middle of the road and made with ice berg water.

Next stop is St. John's. We love Airbnb for so many reasons. Here are just three!

Our flat is on the third floor of the white house on the corner.
Living/dining room
After many years of longing to visit Newfoundland we're finally here!

* * *