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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Giant Lanterns of China

We're into week two of our Edinburgh housesit and were fortunate to view the Giant Lanterns of China exhibit at the Edinburgh zoo.

Completely outdoors, this mile long route features more than 450 giant lanterns. Even the flowers are massive. The ones below were eight to twelve feet in height while the ones above were five to six feet across.

Walking through this lantern gateway really enhanced the journey and gave one a sense of awe.

Many animals native to China were on display including pandas, flamingos, monkeys and more. The flamingo's reflection in the water feature at their feet was a breathtaking sight. 

Compare the size of the big apes to the visitor on the right.

This next exhibit featuring the lions and zebras was set on a rock face as the real animals might be.

The penguins were a favourite with many visitors, especially considering their flapping wings!

Scottish Beaver
Giant dragonflies with moving wings
Added to the overall ambiance was the audio accompaniment.

The peacocks and their flashing tail feathers were amazing and we stopped numerous times to admire them.

It was difficult to capture the essence of the 19-foot high and 115-foot long Chinese dragon in a single shot. 

On the other side of the walkway was an equally impressive display. If you look carefully you can see the spectators to give you an idea of their impressive size.

The highlight, however, was the massive temple.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Giant Lanterns of China exhibit and even a drizzle of rain did not dampen our experience. 

* * *