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Monday, 15 January 2018

Ely Cathedral

Last time we visited Ely Cathedral was in May 2016 (details HERE) and during our current housesit in Attleborough we made certain to return as Ely Cathedral is one of our favourites.

The main entrance is to the right on the above photo and neither John nor I were able to fit the entire cathedral in one pic without walking quite a distance, so this one from our previous visit will have to do!

Unlike the warm, sunny May day we enjoyed in 2016, this time around it was overcast with a brisk wind that chilled to the bone. Still, the cathedral shone and beckoned us to explore further.

These massive, ornate doors cannot help but impress!

Below is the view from inside the cathedral looking back at the massive entrance doors.

This modern cross depicting the spiritual journey is glorious in its design simplicity.

The Way of Life by Jonathan Clarke

Much of the cathedral including the painted ceiling and marble floor was restored during the Victorian period.


The ceiling below is wood and includes angel tresses that are customary in Norfolk churches.

Close up of angel, photo courtesy of Google

The octagonal tower is a somewhat recent addition as the original Norman central tower collapsed on February 22, 1322. The octagon's height is 142 feet and weighs 400 tons.

Just below the windows are Victorian panel paintings of angels. 

On our previous visit we did not tour the Stained Glass Museum and were eager to do so this time. It features stained glass from the 13th century to present day.

Geometric design favoured by Cistercian Monks circa 1200-1250

Angel Musician, Norfolk area, circa 1440-1480

Crowned Female Head, possibly the Virgin Mary, Norfolk area circa 1440-1460

19th century stained glass panel on left, 14th century stained glass panel on right

Circa 14th century

Circa 1800s

Circa 1800s

Ely Cathedral is a must-see if in the area and we're grateful to have had a second viewing.

* * *