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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Tentmakers of Cairo

While revisiting Norwich Cathedral we happened upon a current exhibit entitled the Tentmakers of Cairo.

A couple of interesting facts is the stitchers are all men working and selling their wares in Cairo today. 

These craftsmen number about 20 and their shops are clustered on a street named after them (Street of the Tentmakers). Their shops are small, rented from the government and filled from floor to ceiling with their beautiful creations that decorate the interior of tents.

A close up look at the appliqué reveals tiny threads one tends not to see in appliqué quilts, but the end result is stunning nonetheless.

The men begin work around 11:00 each morning and work until 8:00 or 9:00 each evening.

Their creations include traditional historic themes one automatically associates with Egypt.

As well as an array of flora and fauna.

But my favourite are the geometric patterns.

Close up

Close up

Many are prayer rugs...

Close up

Panels were priced anywhere from £150 up to £950 and beyond and while they would enhance any decor I can only imagine the joy of stepping inside a proper tent decorated with these amazing panels.

* * *