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"20 YEARS FROM NOW," Mark Twain said, “you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than the ones you did.”THIS online journal is dedicated to our next 20 years!

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Goodbye Guernsey

After ten incredible house and pet sitting days in Guernsey we flew back to London (Gatwick) via Aurigny Airlines this morning. 

Many, many thanks to Catherine and Martyn for the invitation to return to the Channel Islands as well as your gracious hospitality. It was a joy to reconnect with you, share a meal (or two or three) with wine (of course) and catch up on everything from A to Z. And we're tickled to have spent more quality time with Ralph, Ebony and Brittany.

Ralph and Ebony


One thing we never tire of is the view of Perelle Bay from the kitchen sun room. It's forever changing, always spectacular as well as mesmerizing.

Low tide

High Tide

These next few photos illustrate just how lovely Guernsey can be - even in winter. Quite a few locals told us this January has been particularly wet and we can attest to that as there were intermittent showers on most days throughout our stay.  

That said, there's not been a single snowflake in sight and I much prefer daffodils and narcissus in January to that white stuff!

The main reason for our return is this little guy who welcomed us back into his domain with a quick wag of his tail. He offered cuddles and woofs and on so many occassions just made us smile because he's so darn cute. We'll miss you, Ralph.

Is it walk time?
Patiently waiting for John to exit the washroom!

Getting comfortable on the bed 

We'd like to thank Helen for her companionship and hospitality throughout the week. Your homemade dinner with Gary and Lesley on Saturday evening was lovely as was the conversation that focused on world travel. Meeting again with you later in the week at The Driftwood Bar and Bistro for lunch was an absolute delight. 

A very special thank you again to Catherine and Martyn for making our stay and final evening on Guernsey so memorable and perfect (and the copious amount of Prosecco didn't hurt either!) Dinner at Pier 17 was a defining moment and one we will always cherish for its fantastic nighttime view of Castle Cornet, sumptuous food (best scallops EVER) and stimulating conversation with dear friends. 

Castle Cornet
Pier 17

HUGS and love to our dear Guernsey friends! 

* * *