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Monday, 16 April 2018

Eiffel Tower & the Jules Verne Restaurant

It goes without saying that the Eiffel Tower is on everyone's list while visiting Paris. We had no idea of the many options available to us, but upon learning one can dine in a Michelin restaurant on the second level AND it includes a private elevator ride we booked a table two full months in advance of our arrival.

Besides savouring a delicious and memorable meal, the ride up to the second level via the Jules Verne Restaurant's windowed elevator was a special treat. When the elevator took off (on an angle, not straight up) I gasped and grabbed John for dear life as we climbed higher and higher.

Security is taken seriously and handled at multiple places. We were processed and our bags searched upon entering the secure tower area that is completely blocked off from the rest of the city. Then it was repeated again inside the entrance to the restaurant/elevator. 

We arrived an hour earlier than our reservation time and got in cue simply because to find what time we would be allowed up. We were welcomed and told to "go on up" as our table was waiting for us. WOW! Talk about preferential treatment.

Elevator door with screen showing location (red dot) of Jules Verne lift inside the tower.

I'd requested a window table and mentioned we were celebrating John's birthday. To be honest I thought my request was a long shot, but hey, there's no harm in asking, right? Well, imagine my surprise when everything I'd asked for was not only delivered, but surpassed. And while it was an overcast, grey day NOTHING could diminish the experience. It was totally worthwhile on every level.

View from our table

One has two options for lunch at the Jules Verne - either a 3-course meal or 5-6 course meal. We opted for the three and are ever so glad we did. Even before the entree arrived I was full and by the time dessert arrived we were both stuffed - and this after the waiter explained the portions were "small". Ha! They may have been small by North American standards, but they were more than adequate, incredibly tasty and ever so filling.

Shortly after we'd perused the menu and ordered a bottle of wine another surprise arrived...a complimentary starter of beet root, smoked salmon and a thin 'biscuit' wafer that provided a lovely and welcome crunch. The flavours just popped in our mouths.

Now, onto our lunch....John ordered the "preserved duck foie gras with prune-peanut condiment" as his appetizer. 

For his entree he selected the "seared skate (fish) wing with grenobloise garnish".

For dessert he ordered the "pistachio/caramel souffle with ewe's curd sorbet" - that also came complete with a birthday candle and edible birthday card - how cool is that?!

Before I could snap a photo of his birthday card he'd taken a bite off the corner. Note the Jules Verne logo (J/) just below John's index finger able. The 'J/' was on almost everything, including the plate and butter.

I opted for the "warm green asparagus from Provence with truffled mousseline" starter.

Then, the "roasted leg of lamb, mogette beans with marjoram, cooking jus" entree.

For dessert I opted for the "crispy Tower nut chocolate" that was To. Die. For. You have NO idea...but perhaps knowing I did not eat any more chocolate for the next week exemplifies how rich this dessert was. Simply D.E.L.E.C.T.A.B.L.E!

All of this was washed down with a bottle of wine and then, another surprise appeared - a little plate of six delicious bite-size morsels was set before us. We honestly thought we could not possibly eat another bite...yet, being total weaklings, we did! My fav was the lemon puff pastry and while I do my best not to tattle, John did eat four of the six! Oink. (The bowl of ice cream shown below the plate arrived with my chocolate dessert, and yes, it too also amazing.)

The entire meal was enhanced by the attentive and friendly staff who were there to see to our every whim throughout the meal. They made us feel welcome and completely comfortable. Not only that, but everyonewho visited our table wished John a happy birthday. :) 

We can't recommend this restaurant enough. It not only lived up to our expectations, it surpassed them in spades and being able to experience the Eiffel Tower via the Jules Verne Restaurant was the highlight of our week in Paris. 

Afterward lunch we ventured down to the second level to view this incredible city. (Okay, truth be told we waddled, but we waddled with savour faire!)

We returned to the restaurant to descend back down to earth via its private elevator. 

We enjoyed ever single minute of our time at the Eiffel Tour and Jules Verne Restaurant and hope to return one day SOON. C'est magnifique.

* * *